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Bow Wow Boar Brush Medium Soft

Power Wave

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100% boar bristle brush for 100% fresh looks. Add a natural shine to fades and 360 waves with medium soft bristles.

Get your 360 waves right with our finely crafted 100% natural boar bristle brush. Create a natural shine as you easily brush and lay down hair. The handle-free palm grip allow for easy styling and portability.

Why we love it:
  • Features a curved handle designed to maximize contact with your waves
  • High-density bristle arrangement creates deep and continuous waves all around your head
  • Finely crafted, durable & shed free bristles
  • Pair with Kiss Power Wave Durags to boost wave pattern and definition
Use & Tips

  1. Begin with dry hair.

  2. Detangle first (if necessary).

  3. Start at the scalp.

  4. Brush in sections.

  5. Use gentle strokes.

  6. Brush from roots to ends.

  7. Focus on frizzy areas.

  8. Style as desired.

  9. Clean your brush.

  10. Store properly.

Bow Wow 360 Power Wave Premium Boar Brush - Medium Soft